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So I had the privilege and the honor to also have access to the actual constitution and it is a document that has been preserved for the last 15 to 20 years because it was open to the public and many people left it which was not appropriate for this type of document and it was damaged. So for the last few years it has been preserved so that not many people have access to it. Only the director of the archive and in a curtain very strict conditions but I think they felt the passion and probably the opportunity to show the document for this occasion because its the anniversary and its going to be shown in a very decent and beautiful way I hope so I had access to it not once but twice and I took pictures of it as an object and then I started playing with all the obstacles from you as a person to the constitution, you can’t touch it, you can’t see it the real object and its damaged and its old, its been used so then come all these symbols of how this concept is actually not perfect and how when you turn an idea into an object and how when you turn a concept into its application then its never going to be perfect – that’s life! Perfection is dead.

 – Cristina de Middel