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The access we had to the palace was the most surprising thing for me, and I have to give you all credit for that, it was amazing, it was something I never expected in my life, honestly. Because I come from the press and I know I have access because I used to work in places like this but here I had all the access I could have – everything! I mean, the only thing I couldn’t get into was the president’s office. The rest I could get into everywhere and I was like I said, I had my own access card, no security check, nothing, I could get into the Federal Palace of Switzerland at any time of the day or night! No security check at all, that is totally unbelievable to me and it says a lot about Switzerland, it says a lot about the transparency that exists in this country, the trust that exists in this country and how that is a basis for democracy.

 – Cristina de Middel