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For a long time now I have my intuition that I had many, many years ago that is related to theater. How do we as a society perform and act ourselves and one day I got the intuition “what if I bring the stage and the lights into real life, what is going to happen and how are people going to react? Are they going to stop or are they going to scream at me? How are these people going to react when I bring out these lights and create a set around them without talking to them or telling them anything, kind of provoking them. And I have been doing that for many years. There is a kind of transparency in doing that for so many years that I am able to do it in many places as well as in the parliamentary halls in Switzerland, but it could also be in a refugee camp. Basically the subject or the people I photograph remain themselves, the lights are more a transparency for me to say “I’m here and I’m photographing you”, it’s now up to you how you “perform” in front of the lights and it depends on whether your performance gets better and better or remains the same. The end product is a series of images that make you feel like you are on a set and not in real life, and that creates a different dialogue with our society, I think.

 – Alex Majoli