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I have been a photographer for a long time now yet  I am still interested in the world. Photography is so specifically connected to the world. If you think about the other arts for example, there is this wonderful example that a photographer used to use about the differences between photography and some of the other arts. He used to say, look, if you put a painter in a white room and you give him his canvas and his easel and so forth and his paints, he will still paint whatever he wants, he is only limited by his own imagination. If you put the photographer in there and the photographer can take a white picture, a gray picture, a black picture and maybe a self-portrait and that is it and that is the great limitation of photography, on the other hand its great strength is this sense of veracity to the world that somehow this little mechanical thing that you have, the camera, you point it at the world and either the film or the digital sensor makes a direct representation of the world. Obviously the photographer waited for a certain moment and framed it in a certain way and so on, but you can always say on some level that this happened and I find that very exciting about photography and that is why looking at a Don McCullin picture of war is very different from experiencing Goya’s disasters of war, both are wonderful in their own way. With Don you say “oh yeah, he was there in Biafra” and you don’t say that about Goya even though he was there, it’s different.

 – Alex Webb